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Zach Ziskin is a Grammy award winning producer/engineer/mixer/songwriter who has worked with major artists across all genres, from pop and rock to latin, R&B, and country, and written for Warner Brothers and Universal Music Publishing. Zach began playing music at age 7, when he got his first drum kit and studied drums with renowned instructor Steve Rucker. He then graduated to guitar, bass and piano, and eventually became a singer/songwriter.

After high school, Zach studied arranging, composition and conducting at famed Berklee College of Music in Boston, after which he began working as a performing and recording artist and session musician, while at the same time began working as an assistant engineer at several major recording studios. The experience allowed Zach to work under the tutelage of a number of highly successful engineers and producers, and eventually Zach began to freelance as an engineer and producer for hire.

Zach freelances and works out of his own studio, where he continues to work with both new and established artists as well as labels and publishers as a producer, mixer, engineer and songwriter.
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